Dr. Prabhudas S. Patel
Professor & Head, Cancer Biology

Email : prabhudas_p@hotmail.com

Qualification : ORISE Research Fellow: 201-12, US-FDA, Maryland, USA, Ph. D., 1992, Life Science,   Gujarat University
Designation : Professor & Head, Cancer Biology
Specialization : Cancer Biology, Life Science
Experience (in yrs.) : 36 Years

Awards& Achievements:
1990 - Hari Ohm Ashram Endowed "Bhaikaka Inter University Smarak Trust Prize" by Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar, India for the best paper for the year in Faculty of Medicine
1991 - Awarded Dr. T. B. Patel Young Research Scientist award (Gold medal), GCRI, Ahmedabad.
1995 - A research paper entitled, "Importance of glycoproteins in human cancer" was selected as ONE OF THE TOP FIVE OF INDIA for IFCC‑AVL International Award Scheme, 1995.
1998 to 1999, 2003 to 2010, 2011, 2013 2014 - Vibha Mehta Rotating Trophy is given for noteworthy research and maximum no. of publications in the year. It was awarded to Biochemistry Research Division (Head: Dr. P.S. Patel) from Gujarat Cancer Society in Department of Cancer Biology, GCRI, Ahmedabad Runner up trophy – Vibha Mehta Rotating Trophy
2010 - KPS-PS Sinha award for best paper “Ragini D. Singh, N Haridas, Jayendra B. Patel, Franky D. Shah, Shilin N. Shukla, Pankaj M. Shah, Prabhudas S. Patel. “Matrix Metalloproteinases and Their Inhibitors: Correlation with Invasion and Metastasis in Oral Cancer”. Ind. J. Clin Biochem, 25(3): 250-259, 2010”
2012 - Best invited lecture at International conference on “Diabetes mellitus and Cancer” at Thiruvananthpuram

More than 100 Publications in peer-reviewed journals

1999 - Visiting Scientist: April to Sept 1999, University of Nebraska Medical Centre, Nebraska, USA
2004 - Fellowship from Department of Science & Technology, Government of India for presenting a paper during 6th international conference on Head and Neck Cancer held at Washington, DC, USA
2008 - Visiting Scientist: September 2008, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
2009 - DST fellowship for invited lecture at 2nd Annual Congress and Expo of Molecular Diagnostics-2009 Theme: New Leadership of Personalized Medicine Place: International Convention Centre, Beijing, China
2011-12 - ORISE Research Scientist 2011-12, US-FDA, Bethesda, USA

Area of Interest:
Dr. Prabhudas S. Patel is currently a Professor & Head of Cancer Biology Department at GCRI. Dr. Patel is investigating role of glycosylation in relation to the development and progression of different types of cancer mainly tobacco related cancers. His group has now established the role of sialylation, fucosylation and many cellular glycoprotein antigens in cancer initiation and progression. The data obtained from his long-standing research have strongly support that “Glycosylation is a new hallmark of cancer”, which is the most recent phenomenon in cancer research. Now, his group is working on salivary glycosylation to establish saliva as a non-invasive diagnostic tool for oral cancer. He is also involved in studying molecular pathogenesis of oral cancer and breast cancer in relevance p53 and its clinical significance. His group is also involved in investigations of HPV infections in HPV related cancers. Recently, he is also working on BCR-ABL independent molecular mechanisms in Imatinib resistant CML.