Dr. Nandita Radhabinod Ghosh
Head of Molecular Diagnostic & Research Lab-I

Email : nandita.ghosh@gcriindia.org

Qualification : MSc (Medical Physiology), PhD (Life Sciences)
Designation : Associate Professor
Specialization : Cancer Biology, Molecular Endocrinology
Experience (in yrs.) : 35 yrs

Awards& Achievements:

Publication: 80
No. of publication in State/National/ =19 International journal =61

ACRES: Accountability and Responsiveness in Scientific Organizations” sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, 7th to 11th January 2013, Baroda, Gujarat.
Workshop on Unambiguous  NGS on HLA typing  andConference of Indian  Society   for Histocompatibility  and  Immunogenetics; 2-4 November, 2018, Mumbai
National Conference of Medical Editors held by Medical Journal Armed Forces India and Indian Association of  Medical Journal Editor by Armed Force Medical College, 13-14 September, 2019, Pune.

I have been associated with Division Molecular Endocrinology (Molecular Diagnostic & Research Lab-I), since 12th May 1985 as Junior Research Fellow in ICMR sponsored project. At present as Associate Professor, and Head, Molecular Diagnostic & Research Lab-I.  In, 1995, been awarded PhD degree in Life Sciences.  Editor In House Journal “Gujarat Cancer Society Research Journal” – previously being published as Gujarat Cancer Society Bulletin.  Now a Peer reviewed Journal and biannually published.  Recognised as PhD Guide in Life Sciences – Gujarat University. Coordinator of Cancer Biology Finishing School. Engaged is diagnostic work of HLA typing.

Area of Interest:
Genomic and epigenetic profiling of solid tumors such as breast, colorectal, thyroid, ovarian and oral cancers. The goal will be to identify the genomic and epigenetic classifiers, as prognostic biomarkers and predictive biomarker of chemo/radio treatment response. Further to validate the same in circulating tumor/cell free DNA from blood and body fluids so as to offer a real time potential to assess treatment efficacy during and after therapy.
Also to elucidate the role of cytokines/ inflammatory molecules in CRC and ovarian cancer.


  1. Dr. Toral Mandaliya - Research Assistant
  2. Dr. Kinjal Gajjar – Research Assistant