Dr. Trupti Trivedi
Assistant Professor & Head of Molecular Diagnostics & Research Lab II

Email : trupti.trivedi@gcriindia.org

Qualification : M. Sc. & Ph. D. (Life Science), Ph D Guide (Life Science)
Designation : Assistant Professor & Head of Molecular Diagnostics & Research Lab II
Specialization : Cancer Biology
Experience (in yrs.) : 27 years

Academic Achievements:

Awards& Achievements:
Dr. T B Patel Gold Medal for Young Scientist for Oral Paper Presentation

Publication: 57

Molecular Diagnostic Training Course: CMC Vellore, August 19-31, 2018.
Internal NABL Audit Training “Refresher Training Programme for gap analysis between ISO15189 2007 and ISO15189 2012” was held at Indian Red Cross Society, Ahmedabad from June, 28-29 2014.

Area of Interest:
Oral Cancer & Brain Tumors

  • Exploration of Genomic landscaping of Gliomagenesis to establish panel of Molecular Markers for differentiation of Glioma subtypes and appropriate tailored treatment.
  • Elucidation of potential biomarkers from Liquid Biopsy specimens useful for clinical management and targeted therapy for patients with brain tumors and oral cancers.
  • Blood Brain Barrier: To decipher insight into the molecular mechanism that break blood-brain barriers for successful targeted therapy for patients with intracranial brain tumors.
  • Characterization of cross-talk mechanism of signaling pathways of EGFR-Stat3-Src-Survivin, with Notch and DNA Damage Repair pathways for co-targeted therapeutic approach for patients with CNS tumors including Gliomas, Medulloblastoma, Brainstem glioma, Neuroblastoma.