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GCRI From 1960-2016

The Glorious Past:

The Gujarat Cancer Society (GCS) was established in 1960 with donation of 5000 rupees as seed money collected from a charity cultural event organized by Inner Wheel Club of Ahmedabad (Rotary Club). The then Governor of Gujarat, H.E. Mehndi Nawab Jung suggested to utilize the donation money as seed value for establishing a cancer hospital in Ahmedabad under Gujarat Cancer Society. Later on with a donation of 55000 £ from Shri M P Shah, a philanthropist from London, and leasing of land from Govt. of Gujarat jointly germinated the seed into M. P. Shah Cancer hospital in the year 1962, which later metamorphosed over years and evolved into an institution of national and international repute as The Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute (GCRI). It is an exceptional and most successful example of Public Private Partnership (PPP) model depicting a symbiosis between State Government, Non-Government Organization – GCS.

Workload at GCRI:

GCRI have 660 beds dedicated for adult patients and 50 beds for pediatric cancer patients. It has heavy OPD load of approximately 30,000 (Adult and pediatric) new cancer patients each year. In this year, the institute has performed 7,69,297 Laboratory tests, 1,54,759 Histological examinations, 1,20,616 Imaging & Radiological investigations, 21,690 Major and Minor surgeries, 55,390 Chemotherapy Treatment, and 16,397 Radiation Treatment.

Facilities/Services offered:

G.C.R.I. is a Regional Cancer Centre located in Ahmedabad(Gujarat state) and one of the largest cancer care centers of the country with modern cancer facilities for diagnosis and treatment. It is an amalgamation of specialties in surgical oncology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, preventive oncology, pediatric oncology, neuro-oncology, gynec-oncology, radio-diagnosis and nuclear medicine, palliative medicine, laboratory & transfusion medicine, pathology and microbiology. GCRI also provides other allied services like home hospice care, physiotherapy, stoma clinic, speech therapy, cancer health checkup, prosthesis and rehabilitation. It has a dedicated research wing which is exclusively involved in basic and clinical research, research training, teaching and interdisciplinary advanced diagnostic services for patient management. The institute has total 1200 permanent employees in categories of class I, II and III officers (nursing), class IV employees.

GCRI is equipped with the latest diagnostic and interventional equipment to achieve good quality patient care. The institute has ultra-modern 10 major operation theatres along with 4 minor operation theatres equipped with state of the art gadgets required for all the types of major and minor surgeries for cancer patients. The institute has a dedicated bone marrow transplantation unit as a part of medical oncology with experienced medical and paramedical team, clean room type environment and individual laminar bed for patients for post procedure care and management. The IVTC unit is equipped with various flexible fibre-optic video endoscopes, colposcopes, for upper GI and lower GI workup. The radio-diagnosis unit has spiral CT scan, MRI, PET scan, and Mammography machine. Radiotherapy department of GCRI is fully equipped with three 6MV Elekta linear accelerators, one Varian 6MV linear accelerator, one cobalt machine, with facilities for three dimensional conformal radiotherapy (3DCRT), intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), IGRT, stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT) and stereotactic radio-surgery (SRC), one contact therapy machine, one low dose rate (LDR) brachytherapy unit, three microselectron high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy unit, two Elekta simulator machines, and one Siemens CT simulator machine. In addition, the institute has most recent technologies in pathology laboratory for cancer diagnosis. The department of laboratory medicine is accredited by NABL (ISO-15189, 2012) that ensures total quality management in laboratory.

Specialty clinics and Tumor Board:

At GCRI we have started region-wise specialty services in Surgical Oncology from July 2016. Three major services are started viz. 1) Head and Neck, Breast, 2) Thorax & Miscellaneous and 3) GI and HPB. We will start Tumor Board activity in each of these specialties soon. Other specialties are already working for long time viz., Gynec-Oncology, Uro-Oncology, Ortho-Oncology, Pediatric Oncology, Neuro-Oncology and Plastic and Plastic and Reconstructive department.

Research & Development:

The institute promotes basic research at 6 well equipped research laboratories on preventive aspects as well as various aspects of cancer biology to help early diagnosis, monitoring, prognostication and cancer management. Various research projects have been approved by national and international agencies such as – National Cancer Institute (NCI), IARC, DST, DBT, CSIR, ICMR, DAE, GSBTM, DMER, GUJCOST, GCS and agencies from USA & GERMANY. More than 400 research papers have been published in peer reviewed journals and GCRI staff members have also received several meritorious awards in National and International forum.

Current Academic Status:

GCRI is affiliated with B J Medical College under Gujarat University for several post graduate and super specialty courses like DM, M.Ch, MD, DMRD, DA, DCP, and DGO in oncology. GCRI has started MCI approved M.Ch Gynec Oncology course from this year (2016) with 1 seat. Besides this it offers M.Sc. in Cancer Biology, M Phil in Life Sciences and Ph.D. in Life Science & Bioinformatics recognized by Gujarat University. It also offers diploma in medical laboratory technology and radiotherapy technologist certification. The mandate of GCRI is to excel as a regional centre for treatment, research and education in cancer. It has provided large number of skilled human resources in medical services across the nation. GCRI has total 160 students among all specialties at a given time.

Community Oncology Centre:

In order to fulfill its social commitments and to create awareness in prevention and early diagnosis of cancer, the Institute has established Community Oncology Center that offers cancer related health check-up programs, permanent cancer exhibition, high-tech mobile cancer detection van (Sanjeevani Rath) de-addiction clinic, public and professional activities related to cancer awareness and hospice center (6 cottages) for terminally ill cancer patients. World “No Tobacco Day” (31st July) and Cancer Victory Day (15th February) and various other collaborations take place regularly with comprehensive public programs and rallies for cancer awareness and education.

GCRI is committed to provide latest facilities and cancer care at affordable cost to patients of state and neighboring states. GCRI has set a priority to provide maximum support to all patients with curable cancer and optimum support to those with advanced disease. As a regional cancer center the institute has taken up leadership in the state cancer control program. It provides services to all class of patients e.g. MA Yojna (BPL), School health, SC/ST, State & Central Govt. employee, Pensioner, freedom fighter, ESIS & LIG (<2Lacs p.a) etc. It provides modern cancer care at an affordable cost to all class of people including patients overseas. It is the most affordable centre for Bone Marrow Transplantation in malignant and nonmalignant conditions.

Transformation of GCRI from RCC to State Cancer Institute (SCI):

The Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute (GCRI) is now the State Cancer Institute (SCI) recognized by Govt. of India for the state of Gujarat with additional benefits and added responsibility by extending support to tertiary cancer centers (TCC) coming under GCRI. GCRI may extend support in establishing and making the new TCCs functional at Rajkot, Vadodara, Bhavnagar etc as it is currently managing Siddhpur cancer center, Siddhpur, North Gujarat.

GCRI (2017 and Beyond)

The Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute has been functioning on this campus since 1962. It was started as a small nucleus of 40 indoor patients ultimately expanded to 660 beds with all modern facilities of cancer treatment. During this time, it was recognized as Regional Cancer Centre by Government of India. It has provided cancer care to 6,84,322 patients. The old campus was created as per the demand and need over a period of years. The load of patients over a period of years was increasing and range of activities were expanding and new treatment avenues needed to be added. The Governing Board of Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute and Govt. of Gujarat decided that a new modern cancer complex should be created in phased manner to provide ultimate in cancer care. The GCRI campus, as it stands now is carved out of the existing GCRI in civil hospital campus and added new facilities to meet the need of patient care. The project proposal envisages stage wise demolition of old, scattered buildings and replacing them with comprehensive and organized structure with single entry concept and equipped with state of the art facilities under one roof. The center will be built on 1,23,300 sq. mt. (including Phase 1 and 2) of land leased from Govt. of Gujarat with an ultimate indoor bed capacity of 1000 patients and slated to open for public services in 2017. This will make GCRI the largest State Cancer Institute in the country.

This new building is centrally air-conditioned (GRIHA-III) with HIMS integration for efficient and flawless management. Contemporary interior design, environmental sustainability coalesce to make the first building of New campus a structure worthy of GCRI’s mission. This new building is light, bright and spacious with a concept of open office design to encourage a sense of community, communication and collaboration.

Execution Plan:

The new GCRI building will be built in two phases e.g. phase-1 & 2. Phase 1 is split into 1A, 1B & 1C. Phase 1-A & 1-B are almost ready and will be functional in 2017, whereas construction for 1-C will begin in early 2017 and get completed in another one year. Presently Phase 1 built up area is 15540 sq mt where as New Phase 1 total built up area will be 56560 sq mt (about 3.6 times the present area).

Layout plan:

Complete Phase-1 of GCRI will have out-patient department, 600 indoor beds, Pathology lab, Radiology department, 19 modern modular operation theatres, state of the art auditorium (Cama hall) apart from blood bank, administrative block, double basement parking along with two bunkers for latest radiotherapy machines.

Phase-2 will have Research Wing Tower, Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine departments, Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT) department apart from additional 400 indoor beds (making it total 1000 beds), student’s hostel, etc.

The new GCRI Building will provide clinical services to patients of all age and cancer types, accounting for more than 1000 out patients daily. It will also house diagnostic and treatment planning services for patients as well as multidisciplinary clinics that are modeled for Clinical Research and Patient Care, where patients benefit from a wide range of coordinated surgical, medical, radiation, and other consultations and services provided under one roof for both in-door and out-door patients. The enhanced facility would enable deployment of newer technologies e.g. 3T-MRI, two PET-CTs, Cyberknife, Tomotherapy and 3F RT to enhance capacities, providing facility to larger number of needy patients on a fast track basis.

click here for detail floor plan

Future Directions:

GCRI believes that the world class cancer care research, state of the art therapeutic efforts as well as intensive and extensive educational efforts towards prevention, detection, treatment and palliation in the field of cancer will improve the quality of life of all those who suffer from the dreaded disease. It believes in collaborations with other cancer organizations, research laboratories and pharma-research for a better tomorrow. We are committed to take all those steps that can prevent cancer and above all to make our world cancer free. We remain united in our untiring efforts at every level, to bring down the burden of this disease and lessen the sufferings, as we march on in this war against cancer. GCRI will become a clinical research hub for national and international drug trials. To facilitate this, a clinical research wing will be established where many clinical trials for newer drug and treatment modalities are undertaken. Future expansion would include establishing cyclotron & proton beam therapy.

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