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Academic Staff
Dr. Nita D. Gosai
Professor & HOD
Dr. Damini S. Makwana
Associate Professor
Dr. Leena P. Patel
Associate Professor
Dr. Bijal M. Shah
Associate Professor
Dr. Rekha N. Solanki
Associate Professor
Dr. Misha Agrawal
Assistant Professor
Dr. Sheetal Baranda
Assistant Professor
Dr. Kinjal Mistry
Assistant Professor
Dr. Drishti Dave
Assistant Professor
Dr. Amita H. Jansari
Assistant Professor
Dr. Vidhi Solanki
Assistant Professor
Dr. Ishita Thaker
Assistant Professor
Dr. Jenis C. Patel
Junior Lecturer (Adhoc)
Contact Details
Department of Anesthesiology

Direct :
079-22688000 ; 079-22690000


Facilities Available :

The department has established set up for anaesthesia, advanced monitoring, airway management and ventilatory support for critically ill patients. Anaesthesia services are integrated part of each and every departments of institute.

Anaesthesia Work Station :

Anaesthesia Work Station is a device which delivers a precisely-known but variable gas mixture, including anesthetizing and life-sustaining gases.Itintegrates most of the components necessary for administration of anesthesia into single unit.

 USG Machine :

Ultrasound has become an essential component of emergency and critical care medicine. The ultrasound machine is used in for Ultrasound-guided Nerve Block, Perioperative Ultrasound for Volume Status Management and Vascular Access. Machinehas New patented transducer technology and Armored Transducer Cables (The rC60xi, rP19x, L38xi, and L52x (vet) transducer cables).

Fiberoptic Bronchoscope :

Fiberscope is designed for wide range of intubation techniques. It used for difficult intubation and where portable intubation is needed, e.g. in emergencies, intensive care units, mobile/home visits.

CPR Manikins :

CPR Manikins (CPARLENE) is a fullsizemanikin with electronics connection for electronic monitoring, memory and printer unit. It has adult/paediatric modes with four practice modes/test modes for cardiac compressions and ventilation.

ICU Ventilator :


Videolaryngoscope :

Video laryngoscope has a high‑resolution camera situated at the distal tip of the blade and light source embedded within the laryngoscope blade. It seeks to improve intubation success by optimizing the glottic view without the need for anterior displacement of the lower jaw.

Clinical Services:
The department provides services of anesthesia for oncosurgical patients. Anesthesia services are provided during peri-operative period, which includes pre-anesthetic checkup and anesthesia fitness, intra-operative management and post-operative care of the patients. Also provides anesthesia or monitored anesthesia care as per the requirement of the patient and surgeons. Different super specialties like Plastic surgery, Musculo-skeleton surgeries, Urology surgeries, Neuro Oncology; Gynecological surgeries etc. are involved in treatment of cancer. Treatment and care of critically ill patients in ICUs (Surgical, Medical & Neuro Oncology) is part of anesthesia services. These services are provided for all major and minor surgical procedures, gynecological surgeries, neurological surgeries and day stay surgeries. Anesthesia department also gives services for either providing anesthesia or providing only monitoring care for radiotherapy patients, patients undergoing radiological procedures, invasive procedures in IVTC or CT scan, PET Scan and MRI. The department takes lead in peripheral venous access as well as central venous access as per requirement of the patient. All emergency calls for resuscitation, Monitored anesthesia and venous access are attended by the departmental staff. The department provides emergency services in all the wards for central / peripheral venous access of the patient.

Educational Activities:
Regular lectures and teaching programmes are conducted for Resident Doctors and academic staff in the department. Training of 'Learn CPR, Save Life' has been continued to all resident doctors, faculties and nursing staff as a part of NABH training.

Research Activities:
The research work is presented in national - international level conferences and published in national-international journals.

OPD Information

NABH Certified

Ethics Committee Accredited for NABH

ISO 15189:2012

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