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Prosthesis & Rehabilitation Centre
Academic Staff
Mr. Dipan Soni
Assistant Medical Sculptor
Contact Details
Prosthesis & Rehabilitation Centre

Direct :
079-22688000 ; 079-22690000


Services :

Facility available: The Prosthetic department has the facility to prepare External artificial limbs and organs using various techniques.

Clinical Services: The department has enrolled maximum patients of Ear, Eye, Nose, Finger of Hands and Feet, and Breast prostheses. Prostheses are made from silicone rubber, acrylic and sponge (u foam sheet). A prosthesis can help a patient look and feel better, and certain types can help restore function.

Academic Activities: Educating importance of prosthesis in post-operative patients to post-graduate students of Medical and Paramedical branch.


OPD Information

NABH Certified

Ethics Committee Accredited for NABH

ISO 15189:2012
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