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Onco Pathology
Academic Staff
Dr. Priti Trivedi
Professor & Head (Practicing) (Adhoc)
Dr. Dhaval Jetly
Associate Professor
Dr. Biren Parikh
Associate Professor
Dr. Beena Brahmbhatt
Associate Professor (Adhoc)
Dr. Majal Dharaiya
Assistant Professor
Dr. Ashini Shah
Assistant Professor
Dr. Jyoti Sawhney
Assistant Professor
Dr. Jahanavi Gandhi
Assistant Professor
Dr. Vibha Vyas
Assistant Professor
Dr. Nainesh Rupsinh Menat
Assistant Professor
Dr. Shailee Mehta
Assistant Professor
Dr. Rujuta Ankit Shah
Assistant Professor
Dr. Samanta Satarupa
Assistant Professor
Contact Details
Department of Onco Pathoogy

Direct :
079-22688000 ; 079-22690000


Services :

The Onco Pathology department is the heart of our Hospital; central to any cancer management is tissue diagnosis. It includes various services like Histopathology, Cytology, Haematology, Biochemistry, Hematology, Immunohistochemistry, Flow Cytometry and diagnostic molecular pathology. The department is NABL accredited.

The Department of Clinical Haematology and Biochemistry has been upgraded with various equipments like Mindrey BC 6800 plus with auto slide stainer for Hematology, ACL TOP 300 for Hemostasis test, Sysmax UC 3500 and UF 5000 for Urine Analysis and Roche 6000 and Sebia Minicap for Biochemistry and Immuno assay tests.

The histology section is well-equipped with wax dispensers, automated tissue processers, automated stainers and automated cover slipping machine, cryocut machine, three grossing stations with attached cameras and computers etc. It provides services of Histopathological diagnosis with Immunohistochemistry and Frozen section.

The cytology section is well-equipped with fully automated machine for Liquid Based Cytology, Cytospin and automatic stainer machine. The department is well equipped with highly sophisticated microscopes attached with camera and computer for teaching and record purposes. The department provides referral services for histopathology opinions.

The department has an internet facility for tele-pathology.

Clinical Services :

The department conducts blood collections for special investigations at Out-door Patients’ Department (OPD) at the Hospital especially for early detection of pre-invasive and invasive malignancy. Pap’s Smears Tests and Serological Tests are performed free of charge and biopsies are taken at nominal charge. The Department of Pathology also examines and gives expert opinion of the outside Biopsies and Specimens and also performs Immunohistochemistry tests thereon. The outdoor Blood Donation Camps are conducted at various places in Gujarat. The department also actively participates in GCRI Academic Meetings.

Academic Services :

The department is super specialized with 8 DM oncopathology seats every year. The department also offers the Gujarat University of Transplant science recognized medical laboratory technician course.

The team comprises of 14 Pathologists including one Professor, two Associate Professors, and ten Assistant Professors.

The pathologists are responsible for sign outs pertaining to surgical pathology including immunohistochemistry, Fine Needle aspiration cytology; all positive and negative exfoliative cytology reports.

They also undertake teaching and research activities. The consultant staffs participate in clinico-pathologic tumour meetings with speciality working groups (Disease management group) on a regular basis. Each Disease management group has representatives from pathology department and each consultant has been assigned two anatomic sites and every anatomic site has three designated pathology consultants. This has ensured that the designated specialist pathologist is part of the decision making team. The consultant pathologists are encouraged to pursue their academic and research activities within their designated specialties.

OPD Information

NABH Certified

Ethics Committee Accredited for NABH

ISO 15189:2012
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