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Academic Staff
Dr. Manali H. Shah
Senior physiotherapist & HOD
Dr. Jasmin F. Khoja
Contact Details

Department of Physiotherapy

Direct :
079-22688000 ; 079-22690000


Rehabilitation services for cancer patients have emerged as an essential part of comprehensive medical care being offered to patients with cancer & cancer survivors. The goal of this services is to assist patients to regain & maximise their independence, improve QOL & to establish them again in society.

As pioneer in the field of Rehabilitation in oncology, department is fully equipped to meet all challanges & needs.

Clinical Activities :

The department renders services to both indoor and outdoor patientsby rehabilitation from diagnosis to end life. Indoor services are mainly for postoperative phase who had undergone surgery or for patients who are on ventilators, bed ridden patients & patients who are unable to come to department for rehabilitation services. Outdoor services are broadly consists of preoperative chest physiotherapy, pain relief and rehabilitation. All patients undergoing for major operation are referred to this department. Electrotherapy has various pain relief modalities. Rehabilitation of paraplegics, quadriplegics, amputees, orthopaedic conditions like total knee replacement, hip replacement, rotationplasty and peripheral nerve injury. The department also treat paediatric group of patients having the above problems by giving them quality of treatment which helps them to live near normal life. The patients of trismus, radiation mucositis, lymphoedema are treated over here.

Department renders services to patients from different specialities like Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Orthopaedic, Neurology ,Surgery, Gynaecology ,BMT, Genitourinary, Gastrology ,medical oncology

Academic Activities :

Department arranges clinical teaching lectures for physiotherapy students from different self finance colleges. Observer training is also given. Postgraduate students are doing dissertation under guidance of Dr. Manali Shah, Senior Physiotherapist. Students of nursing and Biomedical engineering are attending the department and get orientation and training.

Public Services :

The department sends many patients to paraplegia hospital or prosthetic department for spinal support & breast prosthesis. Mouth opening devices for trismus patients & compression garment for Lymphedema patients are provided from hospial. Department provides rehabilitation service to staff members & gymnasium service to staff members of GCRI for fitness.


OPD Information

NABH Certified

Accredited for NABH

ISO 15189:2012
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