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Gujarat Cancer Society Research Journal
Volume : 23 / Number : 1 / April 2021
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Table of Content
Editorial Board
Reviewers Board


Vision: 2030
Pandya Shashank J


  Original Articles  



Expressionology (અભિવ્યક્તિવિદ્યા)
Shukla Shilin N


  Case Report  

Myeloid Sarcoma with Isolated Symptomatic Central Nervous System Involvement
Chelikani Siddhardha R, Parikh Sonia K,    Panchal Harsha P, Patel Apurva A,  Behl Shruthi R, Kunal Jain

Unusual Site of Metastasis in a Case of Renal Cell Carcinoma- A Case Report
Parikh Darshan D, Agarwal Rahul, Tripathi Umank B

Steroid Cell Tumour Ovary: An Unusual Presentation
Abdul Shukur Remi, Patel Bijal M,  Dave Pariseema S, Parekh Chetana,  Kar Bijoy

Mixed Endometrial Carcinoma Rare Histological Type
Gupta Rubi, Parekh Chetana,  Dave Pariseema S, Patel Bijal M,  Kar Bijoy


Appendix (List - Presentations at Clinical Meetings)
About the Journal and Instruction to Authors
Contributors Form
Guidelines for Reviewers


  Organisational Information  

Role of Information Technology in Health Care
Jethava Navnit

GCS Bearers and Scientific Review Committee
Photographs of Organizational Information
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Ethics Committee Accredited for NABH

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